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My first Flash Game!

2010-11-01 18:20:00 by Laufman

Hey my fellow Newgrounders!

I finally released my first flash game THE BLOCKS COMETH. All pixel art was created by me and my business partner programmed it.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

My first Flash Game!


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2010-11-01 20:46:53

I already bookmarked the game on a few days ago. And I even tweeted about it with my highscore and a pic @starblinky

Its pretty fun, but it can take a long while to get up high..

Laufman responds:

Hey thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated! That score is pretty impressive. I know how you feel about how long it takes to climb. It's something we struggled with on the balancing side.


2010-11-01 21:01:11

Hey they do not appear to co authorship in Newground.

Laufman responds:

Ya I'm not sure how that works. We just posted the game under our company banner Halfbot.


2010-11-01 23:16:51

If it is clear what I am saying is that if you participate in the creation of the game and is on newgrounds who has climbed to wear as an artist and so appear in your profile.

But that clearly does not affect your participation is more a recognition and please do not let the medal at 0 points please resolve these problems.

Laufman responds:

The 0 points is due to newgrounds approval for badges.


2010-11-04 00:29:56

Hey, you are talented. Shame you've already got a programmer. I would've offered my services.


2010-11-15 05:05:33

That was pretty fun. Smooth and somewhat addicting. I also like your pixel graphics.


2011-02-12 17:43:24

Like it