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My first Flash Game!

2010-11-01 18:20:00 by Laufman

Hey my fellow Newgrounders!

I finally released my first flash game THE BLOCKS COMETH. All pixel art was created by me and my business partner programmed it.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

My first Flash Game!

Hey New Grounders!

2010-08-28 09:58:38 by Laufman

That's for stopping by my NG gallery. Just to give people a heads up I am available for commission pinups and covers. So drop me a line for rates.



@laufman and @halfbot

Introducing Halfbot!

2010-05-14 19:25:12 by Laufman

I'm super psyched about this!

So finally I started to get around to making a flash game. My programmer friend and I started a little studio called Halfbot. We are 2 guys and 100% indie! You can follow us on twitter ( if you care to hear some of the dev talk for our new flash game and other stuff. We should have a blog up and running next week with some pics of our first game.

Introducing Halfbot!

This is weird!

2010-05-10 09:40:44 by Laufman

OK so I log on for the first time in a while and see a bunch of messages from people asking to "Scout me"?? I was scouted already, I have to pieces of art that were featured on the front page but can you lose your scouted status? I didn't post anything for the last month and a half so maybe that was why? If anyone have any insight into this I am really curious to find out what happened? I will definitely try and post more in the future. I was really busy the past few months but now that things have calmed down I will try and do more art for you guys! I am even working on a Flash Game right now with a good friend of mine. So be on the look out for that and I will be sure to post some more news on it soon.

Cheers and thanks for the support everyone!


PS you can follow me on TWITTER @laufman


2010-03-07 02:29:53 by Laufman

If anyone cares you can now following me on twitter.

I promise not to tweet about eating a sandwich or going to the mall. I will mostly post links to my latest art offerings.

Later NewGrounders!

Thank you NG!

2010-02-28 22:13:52 by Laufman

Wow I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the awesome reception here on New Grounds! Not to mention the Front Page Feature for IronDuck. You guys really know how to make an artist feel welcome. I look forward to sharing more of my art with you guys!


Hello Newgrounds!

2010-02-27 01:49:06 by Laufman

Hey Everyone,

I've been coming to this site for a few years now and I finally felt it was time to start getting more involved. I hope you guys dig my artwork.